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Our Team is one of the 10 leading vending operators in Europe and holds a leading position in Russia. Our Partners are up to 200 largest Shopping Centers in Russia. Geographically we occupy up to 30 regions.

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IT IS SIMPLE: One contract for all the vending . We save your time!

IT IS CONVENIENT: More than 50 different machine profiles for your choice. To try a crazy bacon chewing gum, to print a funny picture from instagram, to open a fortune cookie - it is just a small list of what you will be able to please your favourite customer with.

IT IS BEAUTIFUL: Vending will become a decorative element of your shopping centre! We provide the development and implementation of individual design in the style of the Mall.


IT IS PROFITABLE: We ourselves are the vendors and know perfectly well how important it is the place where the device will be. You will receive the best location.

IT IS PRESTIGIOUS: We are trusted to the 200 largest shopping centers in more than 20 regions. Placing your equipment in the status mall will bring your company to the next level.

IT IS SIMPLE: All administrative matters we undertake. We are saving your time! Just call your supervising manager.

How it works


1. We meet with you and your shopping center


2. We develop for you a unique project


3. Sign the contract


4. Install the platform and devices


5. We are enjoying mutually benefecial cooperation!

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